Age Spot Cream

You can read many theories about what causes excess pigmentation, or age spots, to build up in visible areas of your body as you get older, but I suggest ignoring all those opinions. If you are wondering how to get rid of age spots, just reach for the best age spot cream instead.

Skin experts blame this phenomenon on everything from the environment to changing hormones. I seriously doubt anyone knows the real reason, because there would be a Age Spot Cure being touted by pharmaceutical companies all hours of the day and night on Direct TV. To tell the truth, I would buy stock in that company even in our present economy, because, if there’s one thing that women will pay for in any economy, it’s better looking skin. And I’ll let you in on a secret—women aren’t the only ones that get fixated on this organ.

Most all of us recall Michael Jackson, though perhaps he’s not the best male example. The poor dear went wild trying to even out his skin tones until his overall complexion took on the color of a human/alien hybrid…which brings to mind the main problem here: If these unsightly looking uneven patches and age spots would appear on our butts or between our toes, we would be a lot more at ease about them–but they don’t. Sad to say, we have to see these so called ‘old age' spots in the mirror every time we floss out teeth, thereby sending a physical vanity issue skyrocketing into the emotional and psychological realms. Forty is the new twenty, haven’t these facial age spots heard the latest news? Cougars Rock!

Now that I’ve cracked sixty, hardly a day goes by that I don’t notice the loss of my youthful skin tones, remembering with fondness the days of a smooth décolleté. Why oh why didn’t I appreciate my lovely neckline when I had it? This has got to be one of those silly questions that will forever go unanswered throughout eternity.

OK, enough lamenting! Negative emotions will just set off reactions that spur legions of these dark things into action—you know how they say you attract what you hate. But you can’t just pretend to love brown spots on you skin, either. Heck, I don’t even love liver, much less the spots named for it.

Maybe you’re one of those women who has chosen the so-called high road by pretending not to care about your looks. It’s all about your inner beauty and crone wisdom, right? Well here’s a word of advice from a wiser woman who doesn’t buy the aging misinformation: Repressing or suppressing your sadness over the appearance of age spots will only worsen the problem.You want to alleviate it and delete its effects—on a psychological and physical level—even the spiritual one.

 With this in mind, I have taken action on two fronts—internally and externally. First I learned how to energetically address the problem for ‘age spots’ as an aging issue. My Shaolin, Kung Fu Buddy, Grandmaster Kam Yuen gave me the generally unknown information for physical regeneration using applied thought energy. It only takes a second or three for an energetic correction. He also taught me how to strengthen my psyche to all the misinformation about aging. Believe it or not, but and there’s a lot of misinformation out there in the collective conscious and it affects our aging process quite drastically.

Second, I tried some skin lightening creams and age spot creams until I found the and safest one—the one that didn’t make my face break out in a horrible rash—so far, I’m recommending Revitol Skin Brightener Cream. It’s not just about lightening your skin, you know. If it were, you could dab ‘em down with Clorox soaked cotton balls. (Don’t do that by the way.)

Use something safe, like Revitol. It contains plant based components, along with its active ingredients for pigment evenness: extracts from the bearberry and comfrey plants, Shea butter, evening primrose oil, Vitamins A, C, E, and grapefruit seed oil as a natural preservative. There are many testimonials to Revitol’s glory, but I don’t really care about them. All I need is my own.

Age spots on my décolleté and the red pigmentation areas of my face have lightened up after two weeks of topical use.

If you want to try something safe and natural to get rid of age spots, you can get a free trial of Dermatology (Revitol) Skin Brightener here.

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